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i am currently still waiting for a bed to open up in my hometown. It is a three week eating disorders program. I have been asking for this for 4 years now. but am getting frusterated because my social worker hear has sent every paper possible... she said she doesn't know what else they need, or want.. I am having anxiety too... just the waiting process and all... so we are still waiting to hear back if they need anything more and a date that I will be going. I have thanksgiving plans just incase I am still here.. I will be going on a home pass for the holiday... anxiety in and of itself right there. I have NEVER wanted this help for my eating disorder so badly before. I WANT recovery... I WANT to beat this! I WANT to live a "normal" life again... thanks for your time


In a similar boat. Except for me, it's waiting on health insurance to kick in, which won't happen until December 20, so I won't get in until at least January 1. I hope you get in MUCH sooner than that. I'm sorry you are struggling.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I am really glad you posted. This is a wonderful community of people who understand. I am sorry you have to wait to get into a treatment center. But that doesn't mean you can't start changing some things around while waiting. The most important step towards recovery is wanting it. There is a higher percentage of gaining full recovery if you want it and it sounds like you do. Are you able to read some success stories of others who have recovered? There are several on the forum that have recovered. Recovery is possible and it sounds as though you are in the right mind set for recovery. Just take it one day at a time. I am now nine months into recovery with a little slip up this month, but that was more in the area of self harm than the eating disorder, not that this is good. I really believed never again. I realize that is not a good thought process. Recovery has a lot of ups and downs even when you or anyone wants it more than anything in the world. Eating disorders serve a purpose. That is what counseling will help with, the underlining issues that brought on the eating disorder.

So I am sorry you have to wait, but the day will come, time is always moving forward. But again, don't wait to start the recovery process until you get into the program. You can try starting today. Keep us posted. Wishing you the best,

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thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I have actually been working on my recovery while waiting for the bed to open up... I have been a vegetarian since age 12 and am 26 now. the COPE program doesn't let you keep your vegetarian diet.. so I ate half a non-vegetarian dish the other day!! I cried and cried. I felt so bad for the animal.. but I knew I had to do it.. for me.. for recovery!!

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Hello gdsoccer40. Your post has bee slightly edited to more adhere with the community guidelines. Users are discouraged from sharing personal information including location and program. For future reference, the community guidlines can be found here:                     Thank you for your understanding.


sorry about my personal information, sorry I will follow the guidelines from now on. I was unaware about that rule. once again I am sorry


Hello, I'm sorry about this, I hope everything works out for you. Hugs.

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