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Two Weeks In and Suffering from Depression and Anxiety

I have been in recovery for two weeks today. It took me such a long time to arrive at this place. So many years of fighting food, fighting my obsession over food. It is so incredibly miraculous to wake up every morning and not be hungry. I don't go to bed hungry. Most of the hours of every day are NOT focused on food, which is such a dramatic change. It is true freedom that I never want to let go.

My question is about depression and anxiety. Now that food is no longer feeding whatever issues it was feeding....depression and very severe anxiety have set in. I have a history of both, but I had been controlling them for years. Did anyone else go through this? What can I expect? Did you take medicine for it?


Way to go!

Congrats on your recovery! I am happy to hear that you are experiencing the joy and freedom that comes with saying goodbye to Ed. Recovery truly is a freedom that is like none other.

The depression and anxiety you are experiencing is pretty common and they are treated in different ways. The most commonly used treatments are psychotherapy and medication. However, you and your treatment team need to determine what will work best for you. Has anyone on your treatment team suggested anything to treat this?

Thank you!

Thanks so much for responding.

I tried Prozac at the beginning of the year for the treatment of migraines and hypersensitive nervous system. On the lowest dose every other day I felt better, though it did make me excessively sleepy. Once I bumped it up to one pill a day, I had horrible headaches and felt like a zombie, so I titrated back down and off of the Prozac.

I am considering going back on it at the lowest dose every other day, which my neurologist suggests.

My therapist is not a psychiatrist, so she cannot prescribe drugs. She is in favor of me trying it. I am going to work with her on a more regular basis at the beginning of July.

Trust is important

While the ultimate decision is always yours, I do suggest listening to your treatment team. As professionals, they most likely know what is best for you for both depression and the neurological aspects. Because you are using an anti-depressant to help with your migraines, it is very important that all your doctors, neurologist included, know you are depressed.

Although your therapist can't prescribe, she still is probably educated on what works. Have her recommend a psychiatrist who can prescribe. That's what my therapist did when it was decided I needed meds. I met with my therapist weekly and my psych once a month. Stay on the right path! You now know what life feels like without ED - don't ever forget this feeling!

My Treatment Team

I think I will start taking Prozac again at the beginning of July, after my big project is complete. Anxiety is the biggest problem for me right now.

You are so right. If only I could burn this feeling on my brain and into my senses. Today, I realized that it was 1 pm, and I had not decided on what to make for lunch. What a dramatic change! Three weeks ago, I would have been obsessed with lunch since before I ate breakfast! Since my house is filled with good, healthy food, it is a snap to go in and prepare a healthy lunch without needing to plan ahead. I still plan ahead if I am going to eat out with my friends and family, though.

I never imagine this could be possible.

You are an inspiration!

Your posts make me so happy! I love hearing about all your progress and I hope others will read your posts as well. You are a shining example of what recovery can be and what it feels like. I hope you are proud of yourself. And I like that you haven't forgotten where you came from - it's important to know how far you've come and what you never want to return to.

Keep us updated on everything and keep up the amazing work!

Thank you!

Thanks so much for saying that!

In the past I would get so far and then get scared about failing. I would think, "One day, I am going to be right back where I started." I no longer think like that. I live one day at a time. I avoid my trigger foods. I keep track of how I feel. I keep going. I am not going to think about that cookie I might one day eat or that bowl of ice cream that might one day tempt me. Nope. Just thinking about today and how it's going.

Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it so very much.


It sounds like you are on the right track, and what a great track that is! One day at a time is exactly how we should approach recovery. You are doing an amazing job and I have so much faith in you. WAY TO GO!!!

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