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Twins with eating disorders

My 23 year old twin daughters were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa when they were 15. I could see and hear the warning signs, but was unable to stop the progression. Throughout the years, as one daughter seems to be in recovery the other daughter seems to get sick. Our family has experienced this back and forth with ED for 8 years. The positive is that each episode and each recovery awakens a new awareness and brings our family closer together. Has anyone else had experience with the family dynamics when twins have an eating disorder?

I have a 20 year old daughter

I have a 20 year old daughter and she too is a twin with a ED. I must let you know that her twin passed at birth. I know it is not the same but I have read so much on this connection with twins and ED. I am very sorry that they both are going through this, it is rough having one daughter in this gut retching disease yet alone see two loved ones suffer. I wish that her twin was around to have understanding to this world as we can only offer her love and support.

I'm sorry for your loss and

I'm sorry for your loss and your daughter's loss. Yes my daughters have a special bond. The toxic part of their relationship is the eating disorder. Right now one daughter is doing ok but the other one is struggling. I have hope that there will be a time when ED is not looming in our lives. The Connection Magazine is a great support and touches on many topics that families with EDs have to deal with. All the best.

Hi to you both! And thanks

Hi to you both! And thanks for sharing your stories and struggles. I can't imagine what it would be like to have twin daughters both struggling against an eating disorder, but I do know that recovery is different for everyone and what works for one person, may not work for another. Relapses, no matter how small or large can be a normal part of a persons path to recovery. And even though it may be difficult, recovery is possible and they can overcome their ED. Here is a Story of Hope written by identical twins both of whom overcame their own eating disorders,, I hope this inspires your daughters and lets them know that they are not alone!
Stay strong, Briana