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Trying to Recover

Hi my name is Miles.
I've been trying to work towards recovery and I just keep relapsing. Every time I find myself making progress I just go backwards. I've been dealing with anorexia nervous for about a year now and I've struggled to make any progress with it. Was hoping I could get some help. I'm new to forums and a both shy with talking but I'm looking for anything at this point.

Hey Miles. Welcome to the

Hey Miles. Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear that you've been struggling for so long, but I'm glad to hear see that you've come here seeking support. Unfortunately relapse isn't uncommon when dealing with eating disorders. What's important is that you remain persistent. It takes guts to reach out for help so I wanted to good on ya for doing so.
May I ask what your support network is like in real life? It can be very useful to have a support network composed of friends, family, and health professionals who can help you along the way.
And here's a few resources I found on the NEDA website:

- Adage

Support Network

Mainly composed of friends. They check up on me to make sure I eat and have to send them a picture of what I'm eating to make sure it's enough. Right now just to make sure that I am eating and slowly getting more comfortable doing so, despite it being difficult.

Hang in there!

Hi mkeane2017!

First off I wanted to welcome you to the NEDA online community forums! We are so glad that you have come here for some help and support! I think it's wonderful that you have taken a step in your recovery, even if it might feel like you're going backwards right now. Secondly, I wanted to check in with you since you posted last week. I wanted to see if you had maybe checked out some of the links that Adage posted previously.

Please let us know how you're doing when you get a chance! You always have a listening ear here on the NEDA online community forums! I wish you the best of luck!

Erin_Patricia1 <3


Thanks for checking in Erin_Patricia1. Slowly trying to make progress, it's just hard right now when I've been set in the ways of my ED. I mainly checked out the relapse link which has helped because definitely know progress will be slow, but wanted to know what to look for. Some of the things I've done I wouldn't have even realized.

No problem!

Hi mkeane2017!

Absolutely no problem! I know I don't know you personally but I care about you and what happens to you! I consider myself recovered from my eating disorder now and sometimes I too felt like I was moving backwards. You just have to be patient (easier said than done I know!!) with the process and just know that progress is progress no matter how slowly it might feel.

I'm glad that some of those links were useful too!

Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help!

Erin_Patricia1 <3

Tips For Recovery

Been trying to get myself to eat more throughout the day, but it's hard to bring myself to do so. Can't seem to break the thought of weight/fat gain, any tips?

re: Tips for Recovery

Hi mkeane2017! This is a really good question and I actually left this comment on a similar thread in a different forum last week, so I wanted to paste it here for you as well :)

I think we've all had to answer this at some point during our struggles with ED/recovery. One weird tip that works for me is thinking of food as "medicine." When I was deep in my ED, I'd go through periods of restriction where I convinced myself nothing tasted good and nothing was worth eating. Thinking of food as medicine for my mental illness made it a little easier to stomach whatever food I wasn't necessarily psyched about.

Another thing that always comforts me is remembering that our bodies are these really incredibly intelligent machines that fight to keep us performing optimally. That means when we starve them, they eventually reach a point where they basically shut down our metabolism to prevent us from losing any more weight, because they're trying to maintain our "set point" (the weight range where your specific unique body is "programmed" to function optimally--Google "set point theory" when you get a chance). We can't really trick our bodies into just dwindling away, because they're way smarter than us anyway--puts a new lens of futility on the entire ED battle, for me.

The implications of that are actually equally comforting to me, too--when I think of my body as this incredible entity that accomplishes all these amazing feats literally every moment of the day, it's easier to force myself to take the wildly simple steps necessary (ie: eating something!) to "fuel the machine." Our bodies don't ask much of us and sometimes we demand so much in return, but they're not just ornaments--they're vehicles for everything we want and yearn for.

One of my favorite things I ever read about EDs is this: "Your body is not a temple. Your body is the house you grew up in." Appreciate it and honor it and above all, be kind to it! Remember you're not alone in this. I hope you'll keep us posted! <3


When we talking about eating disorder, it is hard to identify the actual cause and unfortunately, relapse isn't uncommon when dealing with eating disorders. You just have to be patient with the recovery process and just know that progress no matter how slowly it might feel.