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Trying to find help

And it's so frustrating. I've found a therapist and I start Monday with her, but she is not specialized in ED and she is an intern (which is why I'm getting it so cheap) but I feel like I'm too embarrassed to tell her more about my ED because of her reaction via our phone conversation. I called therapist specifically specialized in ED and they're all $75+ per appt even on a sliding scale. It's really frustrating because I think they could really help me but they aren't even willing to go any cheaper and almost act like they don't's like HELLO it's your job to care about people how can they just turn their back on people who can't afford it. I mean I know they have to make a living but how does it make them feel as a person to turn down someone who pretty much just begged for their help?

I've been having a really hard past week. Gone from doing some behaviors and sometimes not and feeling really crappy. However have not done other behaviors even though I want to.

Much love for this forum <3 don't know who else I can vent this to.

Ladybugg, I'm sorry it's been

Ladybugg, I'm sorry it's been so hard to find a specialized therapist, but seeing a therapist who may not specialize so you can stay on track to recovery shows a lot of strength and growth. Every therapist is different, and even though it is recommended to see an eating disorder specialist when suffering from an eating disorder, sometimes the connection to the therapist can be important. Maybe give this new therapist a chance and see if you can form a good patient/therapist relationship. Perhaps she could help you in other ways and it can be a way to start fresh and maybe help learn more about your disorder as you work together.

I am sorry though it has been so hard to find a specialist. Have you contacted the NEDA Helpline? This is what they do, they can help you find either more options for specialists in your area or give you other options if they are still too expensive. Call them at 1-800-931-2237 their hours are M-Th 9-9 and Fri 9-5 EST. Volunteers are always there willing to help and they can definitely help you towards your path to recovery! Don't give up, try to lean on your supports if you have them and stay strong!

You're on the right track!

Hi LadyBugg9,

I'm sorry to hear you've had difficulty finding a specialist! I know that insurance and financial issues can be so limiting in so many people's ability to find health services, but I agree with Briana in giving the therapist you have found a chance. Talking to a therapist, even if she's not specialized in EDs, may still help you address some underlying issues and help you with strategies for starting your recovery. It's totally understandable that opening up in your frustrating situation would be hard, after all these hoops and obstacles you've had to jump through, but having a professional on board at this point may still be positive if you can use it as a stepping stone until you can find a specialist.

When I first sought out treatment myself as a full-time student, I only had access to the general therapists and psychiatrists offered at my school, and I still found it helpful as a way to learn how to open up and trust a professional with my story. It's still their job to help patients to the best of their ability, and I have still been seeing the same psychiatrist since then. Something like a support group may also be helpful, which your therapist might be able to direct you towards. I also agree that the NEDA Helpline is a good place to call for more information or resources. Here are some links that might also be helpful:

Finding treatment:
Support groups:
Stories of hope:

Don't give up - you're on the right track with seeking out help in the first place! You are strong and determined, and those are qualities that are key to continuing your recovery in the right direction.

All the best,

I am sorry you are running

I am sorry you are running into obstacles with finding a good therapist. My therapist is not specialized in treating ED's but she has treated people with ED's before. When I was diagnosed with anorexia she told me that she doesn't specialize in treating ED's and I could go see a specialist if I preferred. I didn't want to because I had already developed a relationship of trust with this therapist and that was more important to me than what my therapist specializes in treating. I would say give this new therapist that you found a try. It could be a good fit and really help you.

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