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Triggered by To the Bone

Hi, my name is Lexii. I'm 20 years old with EDNOS. I just watched the Netflix movie To the Bone, a movie about a woman struggling with an eating disorder. The movie portrayed the illness really accurately, and some of the conversations that they had and the struggles that they had in the movie have triggered some ED thoughts in me.

How can I deal with these thoughts, so I don't relapse into my destructive behaviors?

Hi Lexii

I've seen the movie, but since I wasn't triggered it's hard for me to guess what you're struggling with :-S so long as they're just thoughts and you don't act on them, I wouldn't worry.

Hi. I am a 21-year-old female

Hi. I am a 21-year-old female and was similarly triggered. I am not sure if I have the perfect answer for you, as it had a similar affect on me, but I can say that I understand am here to talk. Are you working towards recovery? What parts triggered you?

Thoughts aren't something to

Thoughts aren't something to be feared. Maybe you can try changing the way you think about it.

hey lexii! here's what i did,hope it helps :)

kinda similar to last one,changing the way you think about it--(this applies to a lot of situations too) but i watched it as well and initially was triggered similarly--so many of the parts felt like reliving parts of anorexia for me and im sure for a lot of ppl. after i finished watching it i was getting really stuck in the thoughts, and it sucked a lot-but one way I've tried to deal with it is to reframe the idea that it felt like reliving it and view it more as putting an eating disorder in perspective. instead of placing yourself in the character's shoes and relating personally, try to view their actions and struggles more objectively--it was kind of challenging, but doing that helped me kind of see how messed up parts of my eating disorder were, and to remind yourself of how dangerous it is. if the dangers feel more triggering to you than striking, try to remind yourself of the negative parts and consequences of relapsing are-even if theyre small. for me it was stuff like being in treatment/inpatient and feeling that loss of control and things they showed in the movie like feeding tubes and all the tension in the family. this wasn't a fix all for me, im still struggling with my ed thoughts on a daily basis, but sometimes putting things in perspective can help you have little realizations along the way to recovery. its easier for me when i feel less hopeful to list the negatives that i dont want to relive by relapsing than it is to think of the positives i havent lived to strive for in recovery. not a great mindset to have long term, but while things feel less positive it helps me a little :) hope youre hanging in there and im here if you ever need to talk <3


Hi, I saw that movie too and it was really hard for me to see and after I wanted to binge eat. So what you should do is draw, journal to get all of your feelings out, go for a walk or put on music to help take your mind off of it. I hope you will be ok. Lots of hugs.