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It is very interesting how people behave. And what they say. At church today a lady said to me, you got fat. Shocking isn't it, that someone would say that to anyone, and then for me to hear it directed at me. I said to her, "I am NOT fat" yes, I gained weight but I am not fat and that is not a kind thing to tell anyone. And I said again, I am not fat. Please don't tell that to others.

So, what did I do with that comment? I brushed it off my shoulder and went on with the service. I actually spoke out after a song that speaks of being free, free to dance, free to run, and free to worship Jesus. In my church, we are a small church, it is not unusual for people to speak out with a scripture or like I did today. I said WE are free only because of Jesus and that I was free from my eating disorder after thirty plus years and twenty-five hospitalizations. Wonder what the lady that said that to me felt after I said that.

So in life, people will make comments. They will be critical, and judgmental. It is up to us how we are going to deal with it. I chose to not take it in and believe her. I know I am not fat, and if I was, I will still be me. My size doesn't define me.

I just wanted to share that in case any of you experience something similar. People are just stupid sometimes. It is another way that the eating disorder wanted to take me down. But I didn't allow it to. I just got more freedom through being able to respond to her the way I did.

I hope this helps someone who may be experiencing needing to gain weight. Don't allow people's stupidity cause you to backslide. Let it reinforce that you are on a journey to wellness. To freedom. To living free from the eating disorder.

Thank you for reading this. iwanttolive

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this story! It's wonderful how you were mindful about the interaction you had, and were able to brush it off and use it to empower yourself. It's definitely encouragement for how we can all be strong and not let others affect us negatively.