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I am having flashbacks about my dad and the accident. I see my therapist tomorrow.


Hi Savedbygrace,
I am sorry to hear of the flashbacks. Were you driving? Did you foresee the accident happening? With mine, all I remember is a great noise and my air bag deployed and my car being flown across the street, in a retirement village. I never saw it coming. Totaled my fairly new car. But God was good. I got ten thousand for it. Which helped a lot for a new used one. Did you go to the ER to get checked out? It is good to talk about it. So I am glad you posted. A thought just popped into my head. Perhaps the flashbacks about your dad are acting as a distraction so you don't have to think so much about the car accident and all that it entails? Just a thought. I am glad you are seeing your therapist tomorrow. Post again if you need to. iwanttolive


I was driving by myself. I took my eyes off the road for a second, looked up and by the time I saw the 2 cars parked in front of the stop light, I crashed into one of the cars. I'm seeing scenes of both incidentses in my head.