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Tired Today After My Routine of Going to Work.......

So I have managed to work 2 dasys this week. My neck and back hurt, and I didn't walk after work today. I feel guilty about that nbut dont wish to be exhausted to soon into this work week. Just recovered from loss of voice over the weekend and sore throat too. Feel better but afraid of getting sick again. My brother's sort of "Girl Friend" overstayed her welcome here and did 3 batches of laundry and didn't leave when she had agreed to leave after I went to work and my brother had to leave the house a few hours after me. She stayed and did her laundry and waited until 4pm , after I got home to tell me the truth.....Well, she didnt even clean out the dryer filter after the 2nd batcjh and by the 3rd 1 luckily I caught it.....Now trying to get rid of this Unwelcome Pest.....

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