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tired and depressed

Hi NEDA friends,

I am in a bit of a funk. I haven't self harmed in months and my eating has been okay except it is not so good for physical reasons. I have spent the day in bed and find this happening more and more. The entire weekend I have been sleeping although I did go out for a few hours with some friends. I am weak and my blood pressure is usually 80/50. The situation with my sister has be feeling like a Mac truck has run me over. I am feeling sorry for myself and have feelings of wanting to die and/or self harm. I KNOW I will do neither. I know the feelings will pass. I just need to tell someone. If I tell my parents they will just worry and I am trying to unenmesh myself from them. My therapist doesn't want me telling them everything that is going on in my life. My therapist is away until next Friday. So I have to suck it up and keep on keepn' on. I have done nothing of importance but lay in bed and sleep or on the couch and watch TV. I have no desire to do anything.

I'm so so sorry

I know how you feel. It's ok to feel bad and sorry for yourself. My therapist is also gone this week. Congrats on no self harm!!!! That's AWESOME!!!! You are practicing self care by not pushing yourself when you need rest.


Hi. Thank youfr sharing.
The thing is is that my Roommate is always busy. She never naps, or relaxes, and I feel tremendous guilty when I am sick of don't do anything but sleep. I know it is depression but she doesn't understand so I feel huge guilt . I just don't like living in my own home anymore. A stranger in my own house

re: tired and depressed

Hi iwanttolive--so sorry to hear about your fog. I can totally relate, I spent most of today in bed too. Keep up the commitment to your recovery until you can reconnect with your therapist. You're doing great reaching out for support when you need it. If you ever feel like talking to someone live, don't forget you can call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 to work through how you're feeling. Hope you start feeling better soon <3


I'm sorry you are going through this as well. Proud of you for going so long without self harm & persevering in your recovery. I'm glad you were able to come here-- know that we are here for you and care about you <3 Keep us posted on how you're doing, I hope the rest of the week gets better.

Hi iwanttolive, I would

Hi iwanttolive, I would recommend giving the NEDA helpline a call at 1-800-931-2237 when you feel this way especially when your therapist is away, so that you have someone to talk things through and receive support. We are always here to listen and support but when you have an urgent feeling of or need of support, I think the helpline is a great resource!