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Time to Admit It

I can't believe I'm doing this now, after so many years.
I am a high school senior, days away from graduating, and for the first time in my life,
I am admitting to myself that it is highly possible I have an eating disorder (ED).

I've never really thought that I could have an ED. I didn't know that BED was a thing. for years I thought the extent of EDs were Anorexia, Bulimia, and EDNOS. I really want to look into receiving help from a health care professional, and my search for support has landed me here.

I'm scared to death right now. I've been shaking, on the verge of crying. How do I even approach my mother with this. How do I convince her that this is what I want, what I need. Where do i start?

Time to admit it

It's a brave thing to allow yourself to admit this, pat yourself on the back for that. As far as talkingto your Mom, realize this... the parents always want the best for their children. While it won't be easy telling her it will most certainly be worth it. You are young and have a long life ahead if you, don't let fear derail that. Sometimes the hardest things to do are the ones we need to do the most. You can't do this on your own and coming here was a fantastic step in the right direction, keep that momentum going. Yes, it's scary to think of telling your Mom and wondering what her reaction will be but fear keeps us from being and becoming who we are meant to be. Think of the person you might be if this secret were removed from your life. How much better you would feel knowing you are working towards a soloution rather than hanging on to the problem.

Im a mom. I have four children ranging in age from 22 to 8. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for my kids. Their hurts are my own. I can also relate to your fear of telling your Mom. All my life my Mom was my best friend. I did anything and everything I could to protect and please her. I was terrified of bringing any hurt or disappointment to her so I kept my EDs to myself. I made excuses. I lied, to her and myself, and as a result I never received the treatment you might have the opportunity to get at your young age. I cannot even imagine what my life mught have been like had I found an organization such as this one and been brave enough to tell her. Now both my parents are gone and I don't have the chance to have that kind of love and suppirt only a mom can give her child when she is hurting. I pray you trust that little part inside of you that is telling you now that you need help and you folliw thru and let your Mom know whats going on. There are certain things we only get one of. Two of those things are your life and your Mom. Please tell her. You are so worth it!

You are strong!!

Hi allisunyin! Thank you for your post!!

You are amazingly brave and strong!! It took a lot of courage to post that and come forward for help! You already hold within you the strength and determination to fight the ED and win! You are worthy and deserving of a fulfilling life without the ED!

I would strongly encourage you to discuss this with your mother or someone else whom you are close with and can trust. It is really important to have a strong network and community of support when fighting an ED.

Would you be willing to see an ED therapist? A therapist would be a great resource, one that would provide you with the education and support to make great strides in recovering! I also think it would be a great idea to consult with a doctor who understands ED's so that we can be sure you are medically stable. NEDA can help with finding therapists and doctors close to your area. All you need to do is call 1-800-931-2237 and a representative for the NEDA Helpline will assist you assess resources in your area!

Here are some great links about recovery and a tool kit that you can share with your mother so that she can understand things even better!

Another great resource that would be amazing to use is the NEDA Navigator program! This is a free service that helps you achieve recovery! A Navigator can help you coordinate and assess treatment resources. A Navigator is also a great friend and listening ear too! You can talk with your Navigator to receive support and advice for ED and non-ED related concerns! If you would like to learn more here is a great link!

I hope this is a great place to start for accessing resources! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Stay strong!