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Thoughts on the Special K Campaign??

As some of you may have seen, Special K runs an ad with the slogan "What will you gain when you lose?" This ad features different scales measuring words like Joy, Shine, Happy instead of numbers. Should Special K change their campaign to be more respectful towards those with eating disorders and in recovery, and if so, how? Should the ads be pulled? How can we bring more awareness about ad campaigns like this? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Kellogg's Special K Campaign

I most definitely believe Kellogg's needs to change their ad slogan, "What will you gain when you lose?" Possibly without their deliberate intent, Kellogg's is inadvertently sending a negative message, and creating clear triggers for those battling an ED, and potentially creating the foundation for the development of an ED in countless others. I believe they would benefit and appreciate a thoughtful and informative letter from NEDA, to help guide them in creating ED awareness and sensitivity based messages in all forms of their media.

The message Kellogg's sends to consumers in their recent commercial, specifically in the beginning of this commercial, they deliver their new flatbread breakfast sandwich on silver platters to employees at their workplace, and the first young women they offer the breakfast sandwich to refuses the sandwich and says, "I didn't work out this morning." That's clearly the wrong message to be perpetuating. Food should not be used as a form of reward or punishment. This creates the unhealthy building blocks towards an ED.

I believe Kellogg's should pull this ad to demonstrate a more respectful attitude towards those battling with an eating disorder and in recovery, or at risk.


Special K lawsuit

There was a recent lawsuit against special k because of this hurtful commercial. 5 lawfirms came together to fight special K.

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Special K

I know I'm kinda late, but I'm curious, who won the lawsuits?