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Thinking I'm not that bad

Has anyone else ever go through thinking your not that bad and then think it is bad. Today I'm feeling like my eating disorder isn't really that bad right now. Just wondering if anyone else is going through this.


Yes I struggle with the same issue. I feel this struggle inside that I feel on the one hand fine but on the other hand really sick, and then I feel like I am sick but getting better. I think the last is the best way to feel.

I have really up and down

I have really up and down days like that. The days where I can follow my care team's recommendations are good days and the really bad days are when I cannot make myself get even close to the set caloric goal. It really sucks.I have a friend who helps and always tells me to just take each day in stride and to try and not over think everything. She always sends me positive notes and words of encouragement. I hope you have someone in your corner like that outside of your care team.

For years...

I think these moments are kind of a combination of the eating disorder related denial, but also the body constantly trying to heal/survive.
If we think of the way our hormones, moods and general health fluctuates daily even without the disorder then it is logical that sufferers would also experience these peaks and troughs. I must warn you not to be misled however. I have often pulled out of therapy or support services during 'good/peak' moments only to realise later that I was still tight in the grasp of the illness.
Often during recovery that premature feeling of 'not being sick enough' for recovery is the eating disorder deceiving us so it can hold power.
Stay strong and don't let your mind, your illness or even the medical profession tell you you're ' not sick enough' until your symptoms are weight restored, you've regained your menses, your temperature and appetite have regulated and you can get your life back. You deserve it.

definitely.!! feel the same

definitely.!! feel the same way... if it was bad all time I think it would be easier to recover.... its the days where it doesn't seem so bad that get us !

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