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Our daughter is home from college for Thanksgiving week and it is so great to have her home! She is doing really well with her recovery at school but I know she has anxiety about the holiday. We will be spending it with my sisters and all of her cousins and they are very close. My sisters know about her struggle and have been very supportive.
My daughter is anxious about everyones eyes on her and what she is eating. She is anxious about choosing foods that won't make her stressed about eating. What can i do to help? How do i not want to follow her into the bathroom everytime she goes!?

Background: my daughter started restricting food over the summer and exercising compulsively. About a month into school she began to purge. She did this for about two weeks before she told me about it and went to a doctor. She has been with the doctor ever since and goes to therapy everyweek. She wants to tackle this. She wants to be well but it is a struggle. I know this first hand. It is a process and i know this first holiday will be stressful. any wisdom will be welcome!!

thank you

Hi Juli427!

I am thrilled to hear you are having your daughter home for the holidays and that she is on her path to recovery! The holidays can be very frightening and anxiety provoking when struggling with an eating disorder. Knowing these difficulties is a good start so you can prepare yourself and plan a good support system for your daughter. We are not licensed professionals and can’t give advice, but I do encourage you to check out this holiday blog on tips for recovering during the holidays . There are other links on the NEDA website for additional tips and resources regarding this topic. Best wishes and happy holidays!