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Thank you to All the Parents out there

I just felt that a post was needed for all the parents dealing with ED out there. You are all so incredibly brave to reach out here for advice for your child, and I'm sure they would appreciate it even if they can't tell you that. You care so much, and mean so much as parents to love your children and try to get them help. ED is awful, and destroys relationships and creates lie upon lie upon lie. It turns people into strangers, and is harder to deal with than almost anything else out there. Treatment is so difficult because everyone cares so much and really wants to get better, but has such a hard time because of such fear, and terror of gaining weight. It creates friction, trust me I know, but even just being there for your child means so so so much, and you are amazing for doing so. You are their strongest support, and their role model. You are the source of their love, and inspiration to get better. No matter how hard it gets, take time for yourself and stay healthy and happy too, and really value yourself. We all love our parents, and all that you do!


Thank you so much for your post. It is so thoughtful and inspiring.
You are right, ED's are so hard on those suffering from them and on their families, and love is so powerful.
I hope you are doing well. Enjoy moments each day.