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Tattoo ideas

So I've been considering which tattoos I'd like to get on my wrists. On my left wrist, I'd like to get a purple ribbon with a zipper on it to represent Chiari Malformation Type 1 Syrengomyelia, which is the condition I was born with that caused me to have to have brain surgery in 2012. Plus it will cover scars that resulted from self injury. On my right wrist, I'd like a teal butterfly to represent sexual abuse survival.


I really like your tattoo ideas! A permanent reminder of your resilience as a survivor <3

I hope you feel better with your cramps as well! Hopefully today has been a day filled with relaxation.

those are wonderful!

i have two interlinking hearts on my ankle - my 98 year old grandmothers idea for her - decided i had to get the same one w her, and i got last year a turtle w three little hearts on my wrist to represent slow and steady and the three hearts for my three kids!!


Love that!!

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