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I figure once I work through everything my dad did, I will be free and a tattoo will be an awesome reminder that I SURVIVED hell and GOD used it somehow, which is SO empowering. The tattoo will remind me of how strong I truly am and will BECOME.


I think that would be wonderful to have such a visual, powerful display of all you've overcome <3 How God is bringing healing into all you have been through is such a central part of your story. That would be a beautiful remember of hope, freedom, strength, & healing.

Thank you so much

I agree. I'm really nervous about tomorrow. It will be day one of facing the memories of what my dad did. I've been feeling sick over my flashbacks of what my dad did to me. Hopefully I won't have any nightmares.


i hope tomorrow brings you some peace. you are very brave! we are all here believing in you and cheering you on. you are stronger than you realize. I got a tattoo last year, a tiny turtle w three hearts to remind me slow and steady! big hugs to you!

Thank you.

Encouragement is always welcome.

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