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Talking to Loved Ones?

I think I have an eating disorder which has caused a lot of anxiety and depression in my life for several months now. None of my family members or friends know about any of my issues, not even that I'm discontented with my body. I know that they wouldn't judge me at all or be rude about it but I am still way too nervous to tell anyone even though I feel so alone and really wish I had someone to talk to. I want help but can't get it without telling anyone, especially my parents. Does anyone have any tips on how to admit it to loved ones?

HI and welcome to the forums

HI and welcome to the forums malibumidge.
You're in good company here.
There are a lot of experienced posters as well as a lot of resources available on the website.
I'll post some links below.

But think birdie22 made a lot of good points.

If you find it difficult to directly tell a close friend or family member I have a few suggestions.
You could:
Write it in a letter and give it to them.
Text message them.
Email them.

I do definitely think that it would be to your benefit to reach out to someone for help.
If you have a school counselor or a doctor that you could confide in that might also be a good starting point.

Here are those links I was talking about:

I'd also consider using the helpline like birdie22 said.

Anyway, I hope that helps a bit.
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