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Taking Baby Steps

Hey, I just joined today after finding out about this website yesterday. I reached out helpline for some help and guidance. I have being dealing BED since high school up until present day. The road has been super hard and I have tried my best to maintain weight as well as finding confidence in myself. It hard enough not having such support with people around you or people that even that are going through the same thing that you are. I would just like some people to talk to as I take the steps I need to in order to be well onto recovery.

Hi Xjigglypuffsare...!

Thanks for reaching our the forums! I'm glad to hear that you reached out the helpline as well - its such a great resource! This forum is a great place to find support from others and I just wanted to let you know that we are all really happy you're here!

I invite you to check out one my favorite part's about the NEDA site: Stories of Hope: The stories are so inspiring and definitely worth a look!

Good luck with recovery and again, welcome! :)

- ashleyk


Glad you are here and pushing forward in recovery. You are not doing it alone. I'm 45 yo and am continuing to charge forward in recovery. Sometimes it feels as though i am tripping forward, but its forward nonetheless. I have battled ED since high school. Recovery is really possible!!!!! hugs to you.

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