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Hi, I am new to the site and recently agreed w/ my husband that I would talk to my therapist about my eating habits. He is concerned b/c of my health. Are these following symptoms signs of an Ed? I am B12 deficient (I get monthly shots) and my Vit. D is low. Before the B12 shots I had vertigo, this has stopped since the shots started. I sometimes get tingling in my finger tips and am shaky. I do eat, but from what my husband says, not enough and what I do eat is not nutritious. I noticed while on our cruise I didn't like much of the food offered so I didn't eat much on the trip. I noticed the tingling in my fingers a good bit toward the end and my vertigo after getting off the cruise lasted a week and I was very shaky the last day of trip. I am wondering if the symptoms are tied into my eating (or lack there of)....I read on another site that the tingling fingers could be a sign of a physical health problem from Ed. is this correct? I see my therapist Thursday to discuss this with him. I did email him and tell him my husband's concern so that I don't back out on telling him at our next session. He now knows and there is no going back.


Hi Java5,

Thank you for reaching out to this incredibly supportive and informative forum. I'm proud you are taking the important steps towards your recovery and desire to create a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. You deserve an ED-free life! You are truly blessed to have a husband that clearly loves and supports you. There is a great resource link I would encourage you to also share with your husband, I imagine he would find helpful. It's important for you both to know you are not alone.

Another helpful link on life during recovery:

I would also encourage you to reach out to the NEDA Helpline #1.800.931.2237 (M-Thurs. 9am-9pm EST and Friday 9am - 5pm EST). They are highly trained on all eating disorders, as well as, supportive, confidential and ready to help! They could probably best answer your medical questions regarding the symptoms you're experiencing, or at least guide you in the right direction to address and resolve your concerns.

It's great that you are making yourself accountable through your therapist and your husband. You are definitely on the right track towards creating an ED-free life for yourself. I would also encourage you to address these symptoms with your primary care physician to identify whether or not it's related to an ED, or something else.

You are definitely on the right path! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Please keep us posted and let us know how we can further help you during this journey!


Hi java5,

Hi java5,

I agree with LegacyofLove - it's great that you are working with both your therapist and husband! Remaining honest and keeping open lines of communication is extremely important and you are definitely on the right track! Your symptoms are definitely worth getting checked out by your primary care doctor. Once you start having physical signs or are just feeling off, it is important to get professional health. Symptoms and signs differ for every single person, but listening to your own body and taking early action to prevent things from getting worse is crucial. I'm so glad you've taken note of your symptoms already!

Here is some more information about health consequences of EDs:

Hope this helps!

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