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surrendering the right

I am in a season of surrender. One I hope lasts for a long time, if not forever. The right to be right. My sister changes her story. Then gets frustrated with me and so today instead of responding negatively, I chose to remain silent even after she continued to tell me what I remembered she told me the other day about Comcast was not what she said. So I let her think what she said to me and remained in a spirit of surrender to me being right. Yes it is difficult. But God gives me the strength. Arguing would prove to be useless and get us nowhere. Thanks for listening.

Because I want to live, iwanttolive


I want to say that living my life in a state of surrender is really working. I have averted fighting and arguing with my sister as I am working on not having to be right. It is keeping peace. I don't have to be right. She thinks everything she says is right, even when she isn't. I am learning to just let her believe what she believes. I don't have to prove myself. It is actually a good way to live. Because, iwanttolive

Good for you for being mindful of what brings you down

Congrats on your ability to Rise above what might otherwise be your daily nemesis...