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Hi everyone. I am actually in a good place right now. I am in a season of surrender. Whether it is letting go of a client who wants me back but her brother is a bit leery because I have been ill a lot. She wants me and I want to go back but I am surrendering and letting her keep her new aide because I know it is in her best interest. I have to surrender my desire to have her back and trust that God will provide me and match me up with a new client that is perfect. I have surrendered the need to be right when I know I am and just allow the other person believe what they do and not have to be right all the time. I surrendered my scale which has brought much freedom.. I have surrendered and am at peace right now about the driving situation where I have to wait another six weeks for the driving therapy. I am learning a lot about myself and how far I've come. I believe Jesus is giving me a peace that passes understanding in these areas of my life.

My life verse is becoming a reality: I will not die but live and declare the work of the Lord. Psalm 118:17

The peace I have comes from Him. Yes, I do get irritated at times for not being allowed to drive. But I still have peace. I am surrendering to God and looking to Him to light my way and I am willing to do as He asks of me, even if it means sitting in front of a video telling my, or His story. Thanks for listening.

Being in a state of surrender is such a great place to be. My wish for you is that one day you will find yourselves in a state of surrender to the eating disorder. Recovery is possible. Keep pressing in and forward and see what happens. iwanttolive