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Surfing the Net over Healthy Recipes and Periods Really Late Again.....

Every time i log onto my notebook I am encountered by my face page which has healthy and simple cooking and baking recipes on it. So if i desire to Google anything i 1st encounter this page. Thus lately i have been baking, I think its a good thing though?

I suppose i have been eating very carefully lately because my period is late again and was due 2 weeks ago, i think? So it seems like whenever i focus on healthy eating and exercising after dinner, just nightly walks, my period begins to skip.

This happens like every 3 months. I obsess over healthy food, exercise, skip a period, develop a huge appetite, become extra nervous in the delay, and then wallah my period arrives Fashionably Late, like every 3 months.....

I am sick and tired of irregular periods, and I am already on a fem hormone pill too, 1/2 year ago Dr even prescribed a certain medication to induce a period that was very stubborn. That stuff really works.

Oh well. I sure hope it arrives soon, and then is like so over and done with for the month or a few months, until i see it again.....?

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HI chunkymonkey68

Hello chunkymonkey68.
You said that you'v noticed that as you increase exercise, your period has a tendency to skip.
Could it be that you are exercising.
And if that's not the case, could it be the case that you're period is simply irregular and that this is its normal pattern?

- Adage