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Support for Mothers

I am a mom with 23 year old twin daughters that have battled with anorexia and over exercising for 8 years. We have had times when ED has taken over our family and more recently where ED is in the background. I believe we have been able to survive and flourish as a family because we all get support...still. For me, I was always the one dealing with insurances and trying to implement all the correct behavioral modifications talked about in treatment and therapy. My husband and daughters were willing followers, however I was thankful that I had a therapist to provide me support. Support and hope has also come from the connections I have made through the National Eating Disorder's PFN network. The NEDA website is outstanding. There is so much to read and learn. The more I understood about anorexia and the other eating disorders and the mindset that goes along with an eating disorder, the better I was able to help my family. I encourage you to take note of the PFN Connections magazine on the NEDA website and the plethora of information that is available to guide you through the recovery process.

My daughter is 20 years old and is in recovery from ED

My daughter is 20 and is in recovery from ED. As a parent, this is SO real and it needs your attention. Let me help you with how I helped my daughter recover.

You are amazing

You are amazing to help your daughter(s) get through this difficult disease. it take comittment from the entire family, and dedication from everyone involved to bring our loves ones through this devistating desease.

support for moms

My daughter entered treatment in July 2013 graduated from the program in October 2013 and we see a therapist once a week. We are now adding excerise back into her treatment while keeping her calorie intake the same. I have noticed she doesn't want to eat after she comes home from Zumba. Is this normal for them to show resistence to food again once excerise is allowed? She ate because I made her but she was not happy

support for moms

Dear [email protected]...

Congratulations to you and your daughter! As you know, it's a team effort! What great news your daughter graduated from her treatment program. I'm glad to hear you all are seeing a therapist on a regular basis.

I'v recovered from anorexia years ago. I know that recovery is an on-going process. I'm including a link about recovery and relapses that may provide some valuable insight. I would encourage you to ask your therapist if it's normal for your daughter to show resistance to food again once exercise is allowed. I know I personally struggled with this until I was able to work through it, through baby steps. In time, I was able to find a healthy balance. I found a passion for running and I'm now training for a half-marathon that I will run in Athens - one of my bucket-list goals. I've learned that my body needs valuable nutrients to allow me to reach this half-marathon goal, as well as do all the wonderful things in life that I can now fully enjoy.

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Your daughter is blessed to have your love and support through such a life-changing event.

HEALing Hugs!
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