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I'm feeling really stressed tonight. My 15 year old is 3 hours away in a treatment center and she called crying saying she can't do this anymore. I know to expect these calls....but it is so hard. I couldn't talk her down from her anxiety and she refused to talk to the staff. I don't know how to help her from so far away and I know she needs so much more help then I can give her. I don't know how I am going to do this for 2 months .... lord I hope it gets easier.



I am so sorry to hear that you and your daughter have been going through such a challenging time! I can tell that you love her dearly and that through that love you have strength!!

Yes, there definitely will be difficult and emotionally straining days and nights. I know that it is probably really challenging as a mother to be away from your daughter while she is in treatment. I do believe that you can still make your daughter feel your love over a distance to calm her. When things do become stuck I do believe that since your daughter is an adolescent that you have full rights to call her treatment center and make sure staff knows about her situation. Have you tried doing this before? Another thing you could encourage your daughter to do would be to find a way to divert away from her strong emotions. When I was in treatment I would hold ice or use some other way of sensory stimulus that was harmless. It really helped ground me!!

As far as resources to make sure you are kept safe, have you considered seeing a therapist to help you with your current situation? I think it would be great to receive support for yourself in that way. Remember that by seeking support you only become stronger!!

Also, have you considered connecting with a NEDA Navigator? There are many Navigators out there that are parents of a child that recovered and probably have insight into a lot of the emotions you are experiencing right now! Here's the link to learn more or request a Navigator!!

I hope that this helps!! Please let me know how else I can help!!

You are an AMAZING mother!!! Your love and concern comforts your daughter no matter how far apart you may be!!