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Still No Period

I am really frustrated over this problem. i feel extra sensitive over my distended belly bloat and am trying to take control of the wheel. I am in the restroom more but bloated less and feel less pressure on my stomach and bladder after I urinate Going to the doctors would cost more and I never go to the doctors and esp NOT the ER. I'm terrified of picking up even More Germs from there, I’m concerned that I am not able to get out of my unhealthy ways and feel comfortable! Ahhhh??

I could be wrong

I could be completely wrong but I think using too many diuretics for to long can mess with your potassium, sodium, etc. Like I said I could be wrong, (im not a doctor) but please be careful.

Be careful!

I'm also not a medical doctor, but I believe Melissaah is right. You really need to be careful with water pills, because it can get dangerous if your electrolyte levels get thrown out of wack. If you don't want to go to the doctor, maybe you could at least call the helpline? 1-800-931-2237. I'm really worried about how you're doing right now.

I'm OK but I almost slip n fell on egg at Wal-Mart

While food shopping today, for our basics of course, and even sweats to work out in at gym, I Almost tripped and fell on an egg. A slithery remnant of a fallen egg was was right under my sandal, in the dairy/egg aisle. I was about to fall and then i screamed and then God saved the Junk Food Queen. Thank you Lord Jesus for always being there to save my falls. Amen.....Sew , now i have nothing to sue those people over. But there have been several times i went to Wal-mart and had near miss accidents at that store. its like its haunted or something weird. It always jerks me back to reality though. Perhaps i have a cute-militant or CIA spy-behaviorist following me round daily???

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