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step forward maybe

I finally made it through a day without purging. So I guess that's a step forward. Or at least I hope it is. Because I really did want to purge.

Melissah, that is excellent

Melissah, that is excellent news about you not purging! I think you're right on the money when you say it's a good thing. Your behavior is already changing for the positive even if your negative thoughts linger around. Those thoughts will be with you, but the trick is to not give them any power over you.

Please keep up the progress and keep us updated!

Hi, Melissaah:

Like Stormy said, that really is excellent news. Don't let the fact that you wanted to purge hold you back from celebrating this victory! You wanted to purge, but you were able to resist. Focus on the positive! Try and remember this sense of accomplishment next time you're feeling down. And maybe try to use this day as inspiration for future days; if you were able to make it through the day without purging one day, you can do it again another day!

Thank you for sharing this good news with us! Keep us posted! We all want the best for you.

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