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Starting recovery and sticking with it

A little background about myself...I have been suffering from an eating disorder for about 5 years now and have been in the hospital for it 2 times. This is my third time in relapse. This time I lost a lot of weight because of overexercising and not eating enough. I am 20 years old and am sick and tired of living this way. I need advice and help as to how to stay strong during the recovery process. I have a therapist but am not seeing a nutritionist.
Do you have any advice on how to stick with my recovery and some tips as to gaining weight on my own? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Stay Strong!

Dear randibbloom92 -

Recovery can be hard to stick with - you are not the first one to relapse more than once. The important thing is to remember recovery IS possible, no matter how many times relapse happens. It sounds like you are sick of being sick and hopefully that feeling can help propel you into recovery. Do NOT give up on yourself!

Have you ever tried positive mantras to help you stay strong? Something like "Treat yourself as you would your best friend". You can keep some that mean the most to you and repeat them to yourself when you are tempted with an ED behavior. You could also give these mantras to your support system to help remind you of how great and deserving a person you are!

Maybe journaling would help - that way you can look back on your feelings about being sick as a reminder of how you don't want to feel anymore. In any case, your therapist is a good place to start for your recovery and he/she may be able to help keep you strong as well. We have faith that you CAN do this! And in moments of doubt, you can call our helpline at 1-800-931-2237 and talk it through with a trained volunteer.

Have you thought about a support group? The other people in the group can share with you their methods of staying strong through recovery and it may help you realize how you are truly not alone in your struggle. You can find one on our website at

For more help on sticking with recovery, visit us at There you will find Stories of Hope and more.

As for gaining weight on your own, that is a question for your treatment team, possibly your primary care physician or your therapist.

Again, don't give up on yourself just because you have relapsed! Many people who have recovered have had multiple relapses as well. Feel free to come back to these forums to help you along and I wish you much luck. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

NEDA Volunteer

Keeping your eyes on the goal!

Hi randibbloom92,

One idea may be to take some time to sit down and list the reasons why you are in recovery - sometimes on the moment-to-moment level, these goals can seem hard to imagine or less important. If you keep your list with you, whether it's short or long, it can serve as a constant reminder and motivator for you when you are tempted to engage in ED behaviors.

Seeing a nutritionist may also help you to gain weight in a healthy way.

No matter what, remember that recovery is possible.

All the best,
NEDA Volunteer

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