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Spouse with eating disorder

Does anybody have any tips on getting through the day without feeling angry and hurt, because there spouse spends more time exercising and abscesses over food then spending it with there spouse. Alone, scared and hurt!

I dont have any advice....

I dont have any advice.....because im on the other end of someone who has an eating disorder and doesnt want consumes us.........we cant get it out of our heads..its really awful.. Just know that we really do love our spouses, please dont feel shes doing it intentionally or to hurt you... we just cant get the obsession to go away..............

Hi damien!

Hi damien!

Thank you for posting to the forums. As someone who has suffered from an ED, I know how all consuming it can be and how your loved ones can think you're pulling away. My advice would be to try and not take it personally. Is your spouse currently seeing a therapist or doctor for their eating disorder? It might be helpful for both of you to have a professional walk you through the minutiae of what your spouse is experiencing.

Here's a link from NEDA that provides you with helpful information on understanding an eating disorder in your loved one:

It is titled the Parent Toolkit, but it's for anyone looking to support a loved one. I would also suggest calling the NEDA Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 and speak with one of NEDA's highly trained volunteers about your struggles in a confidential, safe, and comfortable environment. They can also provide you with more information regarding counseling should you decide you need it.

Please keep us updated on both yours and your spouse's progress!