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Sooo Happy to be Over n Done w/ This Month's PERIOD

Gosh, it was like 2 weeks delayed and caused so much water retention and weight gain b4 it Finally arrived. Now thank God i feel so RELIEVED now.

I have been keeping super busy at work and live to work currently. Unfortunately not much time to exercise and that I see has a direct effect on my belly fat.

I do feel more pressured to do Intermittent Fasting and not as many snack attacks. I bring healthy food to work and spend a lil time in store cafeteria warming up healthy meals.

When i get home at night I am thankful for when I have an inter proximal or day off in between long, and hectic drawn out work days.

I just ordered 2 new bras and a belly support today and am going to try and focus more on my inner self and how i feel inside my external clothing by investing in lingerie as often as I can afford to do so.

This i think is way better than buying junk and wasting money on the food as well as any thing expensive resulting from eating too much of it during binges too.

Ahhhh, yes I think this is a turning point from my girl into my inner lady desires and aspirations to become more than I am.

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