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Son's Recovering is Progressing but Still Concerns

Our sone did 7 weeks of inpatient program and is in week 3 of the 8 week day program. He is gaining pretty consitently, but has a way to go before he reaches goal. He does all the challenges and follows the program consistently, but we still see some issues. He is not allowing certain foods into his diet, and still gets down every few days, but becoming less and less. He will not bring up that particular food issue with his team, or consider something like an antidepressant which might be helpful. So I am thinking that the program will get him started and on the right path, but that will not be the end of this issue and resolving this will take years and even then there willl be some remaining issues that he will have to continue to deal with. Is this the norm for people in recovery?


Thanks for the reply. Yes I do think communication is critical, and want to remain a trusted supporter for his continued recovery. It is good to hear from others on how things work during recovery.

re: Son's Recovering is Progressing but Still Concerns

Hey GlennW—just wanted to let you know your post has been edited to comply with our community guidelines: As you continue to use the forums for support, please do not mention specific foods or drug names, as this may be triggering for other forum users. You can find additional guidelines here: Thank you and please keep posting!


Sorry. I have reviewed both links and see nothing with respect to to edits you made. How is a person to know?