National Eating Disorders Association

NEDA is proud to now be the exclusive licensee and distributor of the film Someday Melissa: The story of an eating disorder, loss and hope.


About the Film

On May 6, 2009 19-year-old Melissa Avrin lost her life to an eating disorder. It was a five year battle that wreaked havoc on Melissa’s self-esteem, her academic success, her friendships, and her family.

Someday Melissa is a documentary that her mother, Judy, made after her passing. It is inspired by Melissa’s journal writings and designed to raise awareness of this insidious disease. Throughout her life, even in her darkest moments, Melissa’s creativity shined through.

Someday Melissa screenings are designed to be educational events that highlight the warning signs and the dangers of eating disorders, but also to inspire the audience to take action. NEDA is proud to be the exclusive licensee and distributor of this wonderful film.

Screening Events

Someday Melissa screenings are meant to be educational events. The film is a compelling and, at times, intense look into one girl's journey through an eating disorder. A mental health professional with expertise in eating disorders should be included in your program and present at the screening.