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Hey i wasnt sure where to ask this question but, i felt this fourm was the best option.

Does anyone else besides me,HATE talking about their ED? My mom will bring it up every now and then even if what shes saying is good and supporting, i just HATE when anyone talks about my ED. I quickly change the topic or like get mad. I am recovered now so it shouldnt matter but, idk why it still does to me. I guess im just embarressed by it. I really want to go on the Philly NEDA walk in june but i cant go by myself so my mom is coming along. I have to deal with it then.

Hi there!!

Hi! Thank you for your post!

Congratulations on your recovery!! That is awesome!!

Have you asked your mom if she understands or knows what it is like for you to talk about the past ED? Maybe she is trying to say to you how happy that you have recovered but she is just not sure how. I think being open and honest with her that you have a hard time discussing the ED would be a great place to start!

That's awesome you are going to the Philly NEDA walk!! Your support means so much!!