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So Bloated that None of Bras fit Right and I need a RAISE...

I feel so MISERABLE. I had to drink more water during the heat wave and like a few days afterwards my bras are NOT even fitting me.

I cant go to work as The Bra Less Chunky Monkey though I sure feel like 1. If min wage goes to $15 per hr then I will feel so upset earning a mere $135 a day as a sub here in CA, USA.

I was required a college degree and the passage of at least 1 board exam too. Now employees at McDonald s will be making as much as a college grad w/ 8 yrs college behind them, and almost 25 yrs substitute teaching experience.

Many college grads are working towards paying their college loans off too. This is just Not Right. The President Needs to Step in and help us substitute teachers out by putting a freeze on administration raises and spreading the wealth down to the bottom of the totem pole round here.....

This makes me wish I could survive w/o having to eat. Food is so expensive. For 2 people I pay $150 per week. That doesnt include bills, plumbing, or gardening fees.....

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