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Skin during recovery

Hi everyone!
I am new here. I have been recovering from anorexia for about 1 year, am at a normal weight, and regained my period for two straight months although I lost it again a month ago. So getting to my question, or really a concern I have, is the way my skin has changed after eating normally again and such. I grew up with normal skin, the breakouts here and there, but relatively clear. During anorexia (2 yrs), this was no different, other than it turning yellow from malnutrition. The first 6 or so months of eating normally in order to recover (19 y/o), however, everything went whack. I started getting really painful breakouts on my chin, mouth area, and forehead. Further, I developed oily skin simultaneously. The breakouts got so persistent that I asked a derm for help and received a topical antibiotic, which helped incredibly. I still use it today and no longer get those breakouts that really caused a lot of emotional pain. However, I still have oily skin that I have to pat with tissues every 3-4 hours. And, if I stopped using my acne medicine, the breakouts would most likely return. The oily skin is a nuisance and impacts my self esteem a lot, and I don't like the notion I might have to use an antibiotic forever. I miss the old skin I used to have, where I didn't have to put so much thought into it. That was the skin I had for 18 years, and its very different now. Any of you have any similar experiences like this, and if so, does it ever get better or what helped? I know it is mostly my body going through puberty that it didn't get the first time around, and my body is adjusting. But I'm just feeling kind of sad and angry about it - I want to love my healthier self, but my skin is holding me back. Thank you so much for reading this super long entry. I don't think this aspect of recovery is as talked about as much. Thanks again :)


Hello and welcome to the forum. I am glad you found this because we are like a family and we all care about each other and we try to support each other because we understand because we have been there or are there. I have no understanding of face breakout. Going to a dermatologist is a great idea. Congratulations on your recovery journey.. Sounds like you are doing pretty well. Please keep posted as you want to and need to. I am sorry I was unable to answer your main question. But keep us posted.