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Hi. I'll keep this short. Lost my post yesterday. It was good about recovery. Today's post is about my sister. She continues to lie. She asked me last week if we could talk and I wasn't ready, wanted to speak with my therapist first and have a mediator. Since then she has given me the silent treatment and lied to me. She threatens to move out. My parents are going over to talk with her to tell her that if she faints or passes out if someone is home wr are to call 911 life support. She told me and my roommate to leave jer on the floor and she will eventually come to. Problem is she may not. After their talk she may choose to move out anyway. But she can't afford to.

Anyways. Things are mostly okay with me. Thanks for listening and I hope you are all doing okay.


I'm glad you are doing ok. Hugs to you. I am sorry about how it is with your sister, I wish it would be better for you. And I hope it will be ok soon. Lots of hugs.