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Hi. I am really scared right now. My sister is harassing me. She is calling me over and over. I was driving. I sent her a will call you back, I am busy with one touch button. She called about ten times and left text messages such as pick up the blank phone. Call me NOW. What is your problem. I am at my parents house. I can not take her manipulations anymore. She is always second guessing me and telling me what to do and what not to do. She sucks me in and I feel incapable to not answer her.

I can not live with her anymore. Sheep in wolves clothing, much like my other sister. I have no where to go. I thought of going to the hospital just to get some peace and quiet for a week. But work....

I am afraid of her.

So sorry to share such upsetting stuff. I feel alone and stupid

I would suggest

Turning off your phone or calling the police. It makes me angry at the way she is treating you. Can you go to a mall or someplace else to walk around for a while? Any friends or relatives or people from your church you can turn to?


My parent's are away and I am at there house. My mom's friend is aware of the situation and is keeping in touch with me. I have to go to my house to get my meds. I am afraid to do so but I have to. She sucks information out of me that I don't know how to not give her an answer. Someone close to me said she abuses me like she was abused. She was told it would not be tolerated. When my parent's get back Monday I will wait until Tuesday to tell them. I have the texts she sent me. She has stopped calling me but I think she tried to use my friend to text me to get to me. My phone is turned off. I have my folks land line. I have been going downhill for the past two weeks or more. My eating is erratic. I am starting to really hate my body again and I am gaining weight. I don't know. My tears in my heart are stuck.

Thank you for your concern and care. I really appreciate it.

You're welcome:-).

I can relate. I once had a guy that I lived with (ended up not being a good guy) and he would pull my head back by my hair. It got to the point where I tried to break up with him, and then incessantly texted and called my phone begging me not to leave, and if I did, he would kill himself, so I was terrified, but went and got a restraining order against him. He smoked pot and tried to get me to do so also and proposed to me and tried to get me to move to Texas with him. I told the police his address and I think they arrested him.


I am sorry about that. When I was in a treatment step down in another state than mine, I felt and still do that no one could ever want to date me, and I somewhat "dated" this guy who was across the walk way for my apartment. He was seriously unstable but I felt no one else would ever love me. So after a while he became more and more controlling and scary. So I said no more. He then attempted suicide and was in intensive care for a few weeks. He said it was because I "broke" up with him.. So I started "dating" him again. He was so gross. He would just vomit as we were walking towards our apartments, was dirty and scary. I had to relocate because he was dangerous.

So I understand the pain of that kind of experience. I just don't know what to do. But thank you again for reaching out to me. I may need my night meds. At my house where my sister is. Don't know what to do.

My suggestion

Would be grab your meds and get the hech out of there and sleep somewhere else. I am sorry about that guy you dated. Can you sleep at your parents house until they come home?


I have been here all week. Thanks


I'm so sorry to hear about the situation with your sister. Just wanted to check in and see if there are any updates & let you know that we care <3


I am sorry you are having a hard time. I hope you will be okay. Sending you lots of Hugs.

Hope you feel better soon

That sister of yours sounds like a real challenge. You ever see yourself moving away from home and just visiting your parents every once in a while?

You could have your house mate share a place w/ you even if you found a reasonably priced place to live. Even rent a bedroom or something.

Or try college for awhile and see if something new interests you in college. Then live in the dorm for 4 yrs and take out a school grant and work study on campus or even a student loan is not so bad for the 1st 4 yrs of college.

Have you graduated already from college? If so there's always grad school to avoid the parents and train professionally for a career too.

Sorry, just some suggestions as I feel so frustrated for you.

Good luck