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Hi. It is almost 4 am and I am awake. Last night same thing. I have this horrible cough that gets worse at night. I am tired but the coughing is keeping me awake even though I am on meds and an antibiotic. I go back to the doctors tomorrow but I am miserable. My chest feels like it is going to implode and my ribs hurt and my back, from all the coughing. I am sleeping in a recliner and still can not sleep.

Yes I am griping and complaining but it is 4am and I have the right to be grumpy. Thanks for listening.

Well it is now six am and I have had zero sleep. Simply can't stop coughing. I am afraid I may have pneumonia. I am afraid that after I see my doctor he will put me in the hospital. What ever happens will happen. No worrying will do. "see you later"

I hope you get better soon

I hope you get better soon and don't have to go to the hospital. Keep resting or trying to at least I had a cough that kept me up a few weeks ago it's so difficult.