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Should I eat?

This is a question I would normally ask my nutritionist but I won't see her for a week. This morning I had a healthy sized breakfast. I thought this would be enough but now an hour later I am slightly hungry. I am going to soul cycle at 10:30 (in an hour) and then eating lunch at 11:30. Should I eat something now? I am having a lot of difficulty with following hunger cues and knowing when to eat and how to not restrict myself....I'm going to post a more in depth post with some of my more prominent questions sometime soon (I'm new, this is my first post) because I have a lot I need advice on that I battle mentally constantly.


Hi jmay20 and welcome to the forums!! Unfortunately, members are not allowed to give medical advice or treatment due to the fact that they are not medical professionals. You can see our community guidelines here: If you are ever in need of support and you cannot speak to your nutritionist, the Helpline is open from 9am-9pm M-Th and 9am-5pm F. Please do not hestitate to call. The number is 1-800-931-2237. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep posting :)

I feel for you

While, as they said none of us aren't professionals, I'm sure many understand and have been in situations similar to yours. Learning to listen to your body as you let go of ED is one of the most difficult things in recovery. Maybe try to look at it objectively. What is causing you to be hungry? Is it anxiety? Is it stress? Or is your body simply telling you it needs a little booster so you can be at the top of your game? It's completely normal for hunger to fluctuate throughout the day for everyone. It's such an amazing sign that you are able to recognize that! You are so strong in your recovery. The choice is up to you, but please, if you feel you need help, use the resources NEDA provides. And remember to ask your nutritionist about this when you see them again. But most of all, listen to your body and allow yourself the care you need and deserve.
Lots of love

Before exercising I like having a sports beverage and a snack...

Are you allowed to snack between meals, esp before exercising? Athletes should always stay well hydrated or non athletes too.

During this hot summer weather, I always try and stay hydrated w/ beverages b4 even going shopping, or taking a brisk walk for exercise at night...

Good luck and hope you have a good session when your nutritionist returns or until your next appointment...