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  1. Balancing Motherhood and Self-Care

    ... struggle are fully validated.   Recently, more health professionals have become aware of the prevalence, as well as the unique ... disorders were not on anyone’s radar, neither that of medical professionals nor the general public. Stigma and a scarcity of ...

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  2. You Deserve to Live: Why I'm So Grateful I Did Not End My Life

    ... or addiction, be honest with yourself, your loved ones, and medical professionals. Seek help.  If you love someone who suffers from an eating ...

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  3. Bridging the Care Between Eating Disorders and Sexual Violence

    ... learn from one another as helpers. Consider connecting with professionals in your area to talk through what you’re seeing as healing ... child advocate, counselor, prevention educator, and medical and legal advocate, Ali has been involved in the movement to end sexual ...

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  4. When Does "Healthy" Eating Become Dangerous?

    ... caloric intake, which can lead to social, physiological, and medical complications. Your health becomes compromised when suffering from ... a team with all the key players. When working with trained professionals, recovery is possible! Ed's note: When "clean eating" ...

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  5. There is ALWAYS Hope!

    ... has worked first-hand with families, patients, educators and medical professionals in an effort to educate them about type 1 diabetics with eating ...

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  6. Gender Outside the Binary: Eating Disorder Recovery and My Transgender Identity

    ... meaning I have completed the surgeries and other medical transition options needed to align my physical body with my internal ... Inc, in the development of e-learning courses for healthcare professionals seeking CMEs in LGBTQ healthcare and cultural competency. These ...

    admin - 05/27/2015 - 9:52am

  7. #NEDAchat: Eating Disorders and Body Image in the Dance Community

    ... artist, Rachel intertwines her passion for ballet and medical nutrition therapy in order to deliver the most attainable, yet ... and serving as  a nutrition resource for students, professionals, teachers, and parents. With her extensive background in ...

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  8. Hope at Every Age (or: Freedom at Every Age)

    ... judgment when I could not trust my own. A team of health professionals has also been vital in achieving and maintaining my freedom.   ... weight stabilised, anxiety and depression abated and, with medical guidance, I eased off the anti-depressants that had helped keep me ...

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