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  1. "Lessons That I Wish I Knew Before" and More from Dr. Insel, Director of the NIMH

    ... – outpatient and inpatient treatment was not helpful and insurance ran out – savings ran out – and the family became a victim of ... by the families of the afflicted, waste more of our human resources, and constitute more financial drain upon both the public treasury ...

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  2. ‘Parent Talk’: Tips on How to Parent a Child Struggling with an Eating Disorder

    ... disorders by providing personal connection, information and resources that fit each member’s needs. You can join the network for free. As ... to take a look at our Parent Toolkit for answers to your insurance questions; signs, symptoms and medical consequences; information ...

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  3. I’m at Risk for an Eating Disorder...Now What?

    ... about: Online treatment and support options Insurance resources Low-cost treatment alternatives This is overwhelming and I ...

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