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Scared to become anorexic again

Hello everyone, I'm new here but struggle with something huge. I'm quite sad since some months, I don't enjoy things I normally used to enjoy. I was depressed in the past and that led me to hating my self-image as well as body. I don't hate myself but I'm close to, again. I'm really afraid that soon I can have a breakdown and stop eating. I already had few days when I was barely eating, then ate normally for few months and then the same. Has anyone had a similar experience? Could not liking my body have an influence on that? I don't know what's happening...


Hello and welcome. I am sorry that you are having a really hard time with this right now. Can you find somebody to talk to like a counselor or therapist to help you with this and figure out something for you? You don't want to go through something like this alone you want to have people helping you if you can. I hope you will be ok. Lots of hugs.


Just wanted to check in as well & see how your past week has been? I ma so sorry to hear that you have been struggling. Depression is so so hard. I could see how that could definitely have an effect on thoughts & behaviors around food. Poor self-image can lead to restrictive eating for sure, and conversely, not eating enough to nourish ourselves can dramatically lower food and exacerbate depressive symptoms. I agree with London's post in that seeking a counselor/therapist would be helpful in working through this-- and you always have this community who cares about you. I hope to check in again soon and keep us posted, I will be thinking of you <3

You're definitely no alone in

You're definitely not alone in this. Make sure you are treating your mental health along with your physical health (as well as emotional/spiritual health for that matter) as well. They all go together, hand in hand. Whether this means getting outside and walking, biking, sitting and reading, writing, a counselor, a support group... Whatever it takes for you to be okay!

I find myself cycling through emotions and thought patterns (including depressive thinking) regularly. Personally, I need routine which includes small meals throughout the day, moderate exercise 3-4 days a week, meetings / support groups at least 4 a week, and counseling. Everyone has a different recovery program, just try some new things and see what works for you. Keep an open mind!