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I started to lose weight again and now I'm even more scared of gaining weight. It's like the more I lose the harder it gets as far as needing to get better.

They say in order for us to

They say in order for us to recover we need to get rid of our scales............Im sure they are correct! But.I havent been able to do that yet............ Have you??

No Brody..... I think I would

No Brody..... I think I would panic more without the scale. I still weight myself obsessively. I'm working on that though.

Brody is absolutely right,

Brody is absolutely right, recovery can be so much easier without the scale. It is so freeing to no longer obsess about your weight in that sense, and I hope you both can experience that soon. That being said, I understand how difficult it is to get rid of, but I applaud you both for working on it!

Stay strong, both of you!

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