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Hello to my NEDA forum friends,

I am so surprised at the fact that I feel so free not having my scale anymore. To not have it beckoning me to stand on it and have it have power. The power has been destroyed and the power of God is upon me. I never thought I could live without a scale but it is so refreshing. So freeing. So not ED. I do get weighed at doctors offices and I have even gained weight because of the blood pressure medication. Its purpose is to retain fluid in my blood vessels and thus raise my blood pressure. At first I was not happy but it is one more thing to lay at Jesus feet and say I trust You God and I trust He is healing me everyday. I am still depressed a lot but I have to face the probability that that may not change in the near future and I will accept that. Waiting for healing.

My friend I met when I attempted college just recently died of cancer. Another friend, I call her my adult friend, or my mom's friend, because she is not someone I do things with, but she has been praying for me for a very long time, she has cancer and may not make it. Another death of an elderly man who is so loved, died the other night. In light of all this, I am realizing I do not want to be in bondage to the scale anymore. I really wasn't for several months but I did use it.

Just the fact that it is out of my house, smashed and dead, I feel so much better.

My hope for those who weigh themselves a lot or who put value on themselves based on the number of the scale, that you would find the same freedom. We are not what we weigh. We are unique and special and have purpose and a life waiting to be lived. I am looking forward to what God has for me in the upcoming months. An adventure. Take care and I hope this brings some encouragement to some.

The scale

Has anyone found freedom from scale. Has it helped not having one. I am so happy I got rid of mine. Does anyone want to share about uour experience? iwanttolive


Jmccargo, this response will be deleted.

a misspelled word you mean?

She meant to have a "Y" there but its a tiny typo. Oh well, we are NOT all perfect? Otherwise, what is Inappropriate? I dont understand?

I hope you are well and finding NEW and healthier things to keep yourself busy these days. I am so happy that the kink in the loop seems to have disappeared and perhaps you are accepting what you do have available to you for mental health resources and therapy.

I think it sounded like too much for you to have to travel so far only to be released into the world against your free will to want tom stay and heal yourself for at least 30 days. These days, here in USA, they are quite tight in medical coverage and allowing patients to stay in a hospital for Anything.

The government seems to favor a Dual Diagnosis Recovery stay in a hospital which allows up to 45 days in some places for addictions such as alcohol, and prescription drugs w/ an Eating Disorder on the side.

Only then would they cover your case and actually seem to care about keeping the patients since the government/Medicare will cover for this sort of mental health issue.

Good luck which ever direction you choose to heal your ED....

Nope I use a scale like a daily barometer.

It usually tells me how i am going to regulate my appetite for the day. Its like my external locus of control and God is my internal flame for my feelings and actions. I cant wait until the way my jeans fit me will be an even better indicator of how i am doing w/ not eating the foods that make me feel miserable and look really bad in jeans. I haven't worn a pair in a few yrs now.....

Sounds like you could really

Sounds like you could really benefit from ditching that scale! It's so freeing to be rid of that barrier that so often holds us back in ED. I haven't seen the number for me in a while, and it has been nothing but helpful. It allows you to see your true beauty without the anxiety of conforming to a number.
I hope you are able to find freedom and learn to love yourself for the beautiful person you are.


I'm sorry you are having a hard time. Sending you lots of hugs to help you.


Hi guys, I am doing very well. Minus the back pain and some issues with my sister. I am freer than ever. Thank you.