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Hi. This is iwanttolive. Some of you know of my struggle with my sister. I haven't seen her out of her room since last week. I am saddened by this. She is in bed all day and all night. I am careful to be quiet in the mornings as she says this is the time she can get a few hours of sleep in, as she says she is up all night. So my roommate and myself won't open the garage door, which is outside her door, because it may wake her up, if she is sleeping. I have overcome a lot. I have made a lot of progress. But I don't have what I want the most, a loving family of six girls, one being my friend that we consider family. A family that cares about each other and not just themselves. I will be seeing four of them for the upcoming wedding. I really don't want to go as big gatherings make me nervous, and sitting at dinner, or lunch or whatever, for long periods of time, I don't enjoy it. Not that it relates to the eating disorder, it is more of an anxiety thing where I want to eat, get up from the table and read, which is what I did when I was a kid. Books were my friends.

It saddens me so much that she my sister lives in a small room and doesn't relate to me. And she feeds the sister in California all kinds of lies, I am sure of it.

My parent's have been great. They also realize they made a mistake by having my sister move in with me. So, I will love her as she wishes to be loved, to be left alone. Mail piles up on the kitchen table, and a large box arrived today, but she doesn't come out to see she has mail. I am not going to move the very heavy box to her room. I don't know if that is wrong.

So thank you for listening again to my story of woe. I just hate to see her live all alone. In a house with people who care.

SO long for now. iwanttolive

I don't really know what to

I don't really know what to say but you have been supportive of me i wish there was something i could say to make the situation with your sister easier that sounds so difficult and painful my family is kind of a mess too we have disowned my brother basically like we won't even talk about him that is due to other things and taht is my own stuff this is about you but i hope that you have an ok time at the wedding i get the anxiety it will be ok. just take care of yourself you deserve it.


I'm sorry that you are having a hard time right now. I really hope it will get better for you and everything will be ok. Lots of hugs.

thank you

Thank you hermione3cand London1621 for your encouragement. Hermione3, you just by responding means so much to me. I don't always have the words to respond to someone's post but just to know that others out there care is often enough. Thank you hermione3 for always being so kind and reaching out to so many. My encouragement to you both.