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Recovery-weight/bmi much higher than pre-ED weight

So it turns my doctor, nutritionist and therapist have set my recovery weight a few kilos above what my maintained, pre-ED weight was (I was finished growing and had maintained a certain set weight for years before I lost the weight). I am very confused as to why this would be: is it because they want to make sure I get my period back? Do they not believe me when I tell them what my weight was? It just feels wrong to put my weight higher, artificially, when it was not that way before. How can I talk to my doctor about my concerns without her thinking I am lying?

Just ask them why they feel that weight is necessary

Im sure they answer these ?s all the time....You wont be the 1st or the last to ask that ?

Good luck in your recovery...and congrats on the progress made,

so far ...


I think it sounds like your ED is talking. Try to trust that they have your best at heart.

Talk to them

My number one thought is just to be open and honest with them. Voice your concerns without holding back. Tell them what is making you uncomfortable and why. Doctors, especially those who are educated on EDs, are very understanding, sympathetic, and responsive to open communication, even if it is uncomfortable.
That being said, I know every situation is different, but I know that many are in similar places. You are not alone. Part of it is that the body changes over time. Not ED-related but in general. It happens to everyone. It may just be that a healthy, happy place for you is different from where it used to be. That's okay. That's normal. It's just your body growing and changing. Another possible contributor is a healing factor. When EDs strike, they tend to take a toll. Sometimes what may seem like an extra little bit is absolutely necessary for healing so you can do all the things you could do before and even more! Think of it not as a set limit, but a goal. A goal to make yourself the best you you can be.
Stay strong, you got this <3

And know

There are professionals out there who aren't just in it for the paycheck, as chunkeymonkey68 insinuated.

Trying my best

I will try once again talking to my doctors... my social told me that she "can never be sure" when talking to people in my situation, and I feel like that means she thinks I am lying. I am just so afraid of being rejected for my size. I've become very depressed and I don't know what to do. Thank you all for your kind words, you are very helpful