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Hi everyone. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and talk a bit of my recovery journey. I guess it's been four or five months, I am really not sure since I have used behaviours. I still have passing thoughts of not wanting to be alive of of wanting I self harm but they don't last.

My physical health is not so good. My blood pressure goes down to 70/45 every day. I find it difficult to work but I have to. My car of l
Car of less than eight months is smashed and is no more. It may be months before I can drive again and I need to drive for

Part 2

My parents have to drive me. I am depressed over all this
this but so far I am still symptom
and I give the glory to God for that. Thank you for support and feedback. I write this to let you know that tornadoes can come blowing through but it is possible and for me with God's help, to stand and not give in to urges. The longer I abstain the easier it
gets. The same goes for you. You too can say NO to ED and start reclaiming your life back. I never thought it possible. I was so sick
But recovery is possible! I hope this encourages some of you.


love to you

your perseverance and strength is inspiring. wishing you continued and increasing peace!!!


Thank you as always for sharing your story with us and your words of encouragement.

Just wanted to check in & see how you are feeling this week? <3


Hi. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I am doing okay. Having a lot of medical issues. My blood pressure was 69/49 today. I am nervous. My car iS gone. Trying to have a positive attitude about it all. I have to go to a lot of doctors which am not to find of.

Anyways, I hope you are well and thank you


I am glad to hear that you are hanging in there. I know it is a lot of distressing things, but I also know that God is there and moving in so many ways- in and through you.

Keep us posted <3

I wish you the best on your

I wish you the best on your medical problems. you are very inspiring despite the struggles you are going through now but you are doing a great job not acting on behaviors that is wonderful and hopeful for us all. Take care and i am thinking of you<3