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Realizing it's time for help

I have had a binge eating problem ever since I can remember. I remember as a child hiding and eating large amounts of food. In the past several months it has gotten bad again (in never went away, just wasn't as intense) I will just keep bingeing on things. I never do it when my husband or kids are around, only when I am alone. It has gotten so bad that I am now using eating disorder symptoms because I feel so bad about everything I just put into my body. I've never told anyone this or asked for any kind of help, but it is clear I need it. I am just not sure what is the first step to recovery.

First of all, congratulations

First of all, congratulations on finally admitting you have a problem and wanting to change it!! It takes so much strength and courage to admit that we need help, especially when it feels like no one knows what you are going through. The most important thing for you to realize is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Almost everyone on these forums can relate to what you are going through, and you are encouraged to come on here anytime that you need support!

The first step I would suggest is to seek out a specialist in your area that specifically deals with eating disorder patients. This could be a nutritionist, therapist, or a physician who specializes in this area. There are plenty of tools on this website that can help you locate an eating disorder specialist near you. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you will be on the wonderful road to recovery! You can do this!!! Good luck :)

I agree with brookespre, you

I agree with brookespre, you are not alone in your struggles. You don’t have to feel ashamed either and I applaud your courage for reaching out. You’ve taken the first step toward recovery by asking for help! As brookespre mentioned, the NEDA website has many resources to help you on your road to recovery. If you are unsure of where to start, contacting the NEDA Helpline will help! You can contact them Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (EST) at 1-800-931-2237. They can direct you toward medical professionals in your area, especially those who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders. I wish you luck and please continue to reach out!

In the same boat

I haven't always had a binge problem but something's changed in the last 5-8 years. I didn't even realize it was considered a disorder until recently. I speak to a health coach provided through my insurance once a week and she started to make the connection for me.

Like you, I'm trying to figure out first steps and next steps. I've been told all sorts of things from hypnosis, over eaters anonymous, therapy and a nutritionist. I'm looking for long term solutions so I think I'm going to seek out an eating disorder specialist. I was too chicken to speak to anyone here at NEDA so I used the online chat feature. I provided some basic information and they're going to send me a list of potential providers in my area.

Unfortunately I think a lot of this is going to be up to us. I feel so overwhelmed I'd like someone to walk me through it but at the same time I can barely admit to having the problem. Hoping the right doctor, in a secure setting can put me on track. I think you've already taken the first step, realizing there's a problem so you're already on the right path; just gotta keep moving forward!

ML4913 just wanted to say

ML4913 just wanted to say thanks. Your post was so honest and to the point--thank you so much. Figuring out next steps, trying to make sense of it all, being overwhelmed, trying to admit that there is a problem, making a plan and MOVING FORWARD! You're amazing. You've got such an incredible grip on the necessary actions. Very inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend.

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