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Hi smutsik--we wanted to let you know that unfortunately, we had to delete your thread on this forum. We are glad you are reaching out on the forums for support and hope you will continue to do so, but please be aware that anything you post on any forum in the NEDA community may be read by someone who is currently suffering from an eating disorder, trying to recover or trying to maintain recovery. The content of your recent posts is likely to be triggering for anyone who has suffered from eating disorder thoughts, behaviors or histories. Before you continue using the forums for support, please take a moment to review our community guidelines ( and webpage on sharing your story responsibly ( You may also find a few of the links in this section helpful as you move forward in navigating your relationship: Keep in mind that an eating disorder is a mental illness that is never only about body image or weight. Sufferers are already hyper-aware and self-conscious about how their bodies appear to third parties. Part of the recovery process involves a shift in perspective and attitude about identity: learning that you can be happy, successful, fulfilled and yes, even "gorgeous" no matter what you weigh. It's very important that we maintain an environment in which all of our users understand that their worth and value is not based on their physical appearance. Thank you for tailoring your future comments and questions accordingly, and for helping us keep this a safe space for everyone.

I understand. I got a helpful

I understand. I got a helpful comment which shed some light on a part of the story that I had not considered.
What you are doing here is wonderful and I wish you the best of luck with running it and helping others who are struggling. You guys are good people.


Glad you were able to get a helpful response before your thread was deleted.

Like whoever it was who deleted you said, I do hope that you can keep posting, as it's not good to be alone with this stuff.

Bob J.