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Racing collegiately with an eating disorder--blog and memoir

Hello everyone! I finally came to terms with my eating disorder during my second year of college when I really struggled with my weight in relation to racing cross country and track. I detail some of my experiences on my blog ( so I just wanted to share that here, especially because I continually post about recovery and share motivation, encouragement, and person insight into eating disorders. I have worked on making my blog into a book (a memoir) and I'm trying to find a publisher at the moment for the completed manuscript. It has been a long journey but writing certainly has helped me to recover, so I encourage anyone else to write, too!

I know there are many athletes who deal with eating disorders so I just thought this was another avenue for those people to find a connection, as well as anyone else who has an eating disorder. I am continuing to recover and hope to find a happy balance in my life.

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